Monday, 26 December 2016

2017 Judges School in Ann Arbor, MI

Hello everyone,

It's that time of year again... Time for judging school! The following is from an IAC88 e-mail inviting all chapter 3 members to their Judges school.

"IAC Chapter 88 is sponsoring a judges school March 4 & 5, 2017. I would like to invite you to attend this class in Ann Arbor, Michigan. All details concerning this class are listed in the attached J.S. Bulletin. I also attached a copy of the registration form. I thought I send the announcement well in advance of the class date to give everyone sufficient time to make arrangement to attend.

I would appreciate if you would help spread the word within the Chapter 3 membership that this is a great opportunity to become a judge. Please remind everyone about the problems we had last August in Hanover to fill a basic set of 3 judges positions. Thank you.
Any questions concerning the school, please don't hesitate to contact me."


If you are interested in attending please send an e-mail to Hugo to confirm attendance. He will also be able to provide you with a copy of the Judges School Bulletin and any other important details i.e.: Hotel, agenda etc. The instructor will be Steve Johnson and the school will take place over the weekend of the 4 and 5th of March.

See you there!

Chapter 3

Friday, 12 August 2016

2016 Upper Canada Open

I hope everyone is excited and looking forward to a fun/competitive competition next weekend!

I'm writing to give everyone an update on the competition in Hanover, Ontario. For those I haven't met, my name is Ryan Chapman and I'm the contest director for 2016. This is my first shot at doing this, so hopefully this experience is seamless for you. Below I've included all the details you require. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out. My details can be found at the bottom of this email. Safe flying!

Location and facilities:
CYHS, Saugeen Municipal Airport info from Skyvector. Everything you need to get there:
CYHS Website:
There is washroom facilities and a restaurant. For those that want to camp, you have the option and will have access to washroom facilities and showers during your stay.
Cathy's Restaurant will be putting on Burgers, salad with all the fixings ($15 per person) on Friday the 19th for dinner and on Saturday, Cathy will be serving Roast Beef, Salad and Yorkshire Pudding ($25 per person).

The Best Western is fully booked at this point however there are alternate options if you're still looking. While not as "luxurious" they do the job.
Here are a few options if you're still looking:

Contest Fees and HangarageContest fees are $150 CAD per person (This includes hangarage as well)
We have access to a large hangar and will be available Friday when you arrive

Contest Management Personel
Contest Director: Ryan Chapman Ph: 416.388.5850 Email:
Chief Judge: Carole Holyk Ph: 416 432 4304 Email:
Chief Technical Monitor: Adam McCabe 807 632 5697 Email:
Safety Director: Larry Ernewein Ph: 519 469 3874 Email:

Like most competitions, volunteers make these events successful. We're always looking for volunteers, so if anyone would like to help out that would be much appreciated.

Prizes and T-Shirts:
Aerotech Aviation have been so kind to donate a $100 Spruce Gift Card. This prize will be given to the pilot that scores the highest on their known sequence (Primary through to Unlimited).

For the non-flying volunteers, a $100 Amazon Gift Card will be given to the volunteer of the competition (This will be decided by a panel of judges once all have flown their sequences).

T-Shirts will also be given to contestants and volunteers at no charge. For those that would like to purchase, they are available at $18 CAD each. Please note that these are on a first come, first serve basis. Don't forget to ask during registration!

What to bring for competitors:
We follow all IAC and Transport Canada requirements so please make sure to bring:

(a) Airworthiness Certificate.

(b) Aircraft Registration Certificate or military serial number designation.

(c) Aircraft operating limitations.

(d) Current aircraft weight and balance.

(e) Copies of entries from Aircraft and Engine Log Books, appropriate to the aircraft’s

Airworthiness Certificate.

(f) Certificate of Insurance verifying coverage of $1,000,000 property damage and

$100,000 single limit bodily injury minimum.

(g) Aircraft must not have obvious physical damage or potential structural problems as would

be indicated by wrinkles in metal or fabric coverings or loose structural members.

(h) Complete freedom of movement of the controls is required.

(i) Aircraft must be free of foreign and loose objects.

(j) If the canopy, or door for cabin-type aircraft, is hinged on the forward (leading) edge, it

must incorporate a quick-release mechanism to facilitate emergency egress.

(k) Dual seat belts with separate attach points and a shoulder harness are mandatory for

Advanced and Unlimited (power and glider) categories. The same equipment is strongly

recommended for Primary, Sportsman, and Intermediate power categories, but is not

mandatory except when IAC Technical Monitors deem them necessary for the sequence

being flown in these categories.

(l) Hazardous conditions in the engine compartment such as cracked exhaust, fuel leaks, or

excessive oil leaks which can be observed through cowl openings and service doors will

be brought to the pilot’s attention and, if uncorrected, are grounds to deny registration of

the aircraft.

(m) Propeller shall not have any apparent physical damage.

(n) The personal parachute or the aircraft’s ballistic recovery system, if so equipped, will be

in good general condition and will be current in accordance with FAA regulations.

(o) Aircraft Structural Standards - Experimental (Amateur-built and Exhibition): The IAC

cannot and does not purport or attempt to regulate or require aircraft structural

standards for participation in the sport of aerobatics. Each competitor is solely

responsible for insuring that his or her aircraft is structurally and mechanically safe and

capable of performing whatever maneuver the competitor intends to fly. The Technical

Committee shall promote conformity to FAA standards of construction and maintenance.

(p) Aircraft other than Experimental (Acrobatic): Structural standards for other than

experimental aircraft are the responsibility of the controlling government agency. These

aircraft must comply with the IAC entrance requirements. Aircraft will not be permitted to

fly any maneuvers restricted by the licensing agency.

(q) A radio capable of transmitting and receiving common VHF frequencies.

(r) The use of a helmet is strongly recommended for all competitors and safety pilots, but is

not mandatory.

(s) The use of a flight suit and gloves composed of at least a single layer of fire-retardant

fabric is strongly recommended for all competitors and safety pilots, but is not


Don't forget to bring sunscreen and hats

USA Pilots That Are Competing:
Please bring all of the above with you and make sure that you have your Foreign Flight Authority if needed. All documentation will be checked prior on Friday the 19th when you arrive.

Final Thoughts:

We want this competition to be enjoyable, safe and competitive for all. If there's anything I can do to help, let me know.

With gratitude,

Ryan Chapman

Saturday, 14 May 2016

2016 Upper Canada Open in Hanover!

Save the dates! Aerobatics Canada Chapter 3’s contest is just around the corner! The 2016 Upper Canada Open will be hosted in Hanover, Ontario August 20th and 21st, 2016 at the Hanover/ Saugeen Municipal Airport (CYHS). Practice and registration will be on August 19th. We look forward to Primary, Sportsman, Intermediate, Advanced and Unlimited power categories.


The BEST hotel in the area; Best Western in Walkerton. 25 rooms have been set aside for us at a special rate. This rate is well below their regular rate.  The rooms will be held for the next few weeks under the name Phil Englishman on behalf of Aerobatics Canada competition. You can call the hotel direct at 226-436-3030 or 1-855-436-3030 and tell them that you are with the event.  You can also reserve a room via email at and again, let them know that you are with the aerobatic group. You will have a choice between two queen size beds or a single king size bed.  These rooms are excellent,clean, include breakfast and they have a pool and exercise room. If you've never stayed in Hanover or Walkerton, this hotel is by far the best option. The are several other "rustic" options available at a similar price, however our vote goes to the Best Western.


 A banquet will be held Saturday night at the airport. This banquet will also be attended by up to 50 local pilots and airport friends.

Please contact us if you are interested in volunteering or helping out in any way at the contest via e-mail you can also check out our blog at for regular contest updates.

Check back soon for more info regarding the aerobatic box, schedule and contest fees.

Please pre-register for the 2016 Upper Canada Open at :

See everyone soon!

Thursday, 31 December 2015

New Years luncheon reminder!

Hi everyone,

Just a quick reminder that the annual new year aerobatic luncheon will take place this Sunday January 3rd at noon. It will be held in the wine cellar downstairs at Borealis grille in Kitchener. We look forward to catching up with everyone in the New Year. Happy holidays and see you next week!

Chapter 3

Friday, 4 December 2015

2016 New Year's Lunch

Hello everyone,

This is just a reminder that Chapter 3 will be hosting it's annual New Year's lunch. So for planning purposes, the location has yet to be finalized but will take place Sunday, January 3rd at Noon. We look forward seeing everyone and celebrating the holidays with an afternoon full aerobatic banter! See you soon...

Chapter 3

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

2015 Canadian Nationals a huge success!

Aerobatics Canada Chapter 3 chose the Saugeen Municipal Airport in Hanover, Ontario to host the 2015 Canadian National Aerobatic Championships. The competition, held on August 15th and 16th, was able to attract pilots from across the country and the United States, as well as Russell Sneyd who decided to leave his day job in Australia for a few weeks to attend. 

The stars aligned to give reasonably good weather for the contest days, but Friday August 14 (arrival, registration and practice day) proved quite challenging. Thunderstorms moving through southern Ontario, combined with low cloud and low visibility prevented early arrivals, and as a result most contestants got to CYHS but only a few were able to practice in the aerobatic box. Francois Marquis and Luc Martineau flew in from the Montreal area as darkness approached after a very long day of fighting weather. The good thing about all the bad weather was that registration and technical inspections proceeded at a leisurely pace – allowing newbie registrars Lynda Hawkins and Elaine Ernewein to learn on the job. Laura Buescher appeared mid-afternoon and with the help of Carol Granger took over the arduous task of arranging the paperwork.  Most people simply do not realize how important this job is, and contest officials always sigh with relief when these ladies appear.

The contest’s starter Hella Comat, and judge Chris Pulley drove to the airport instead of flying because of unscheduled engine overhauls on their airplanesSeveral Chapter 3 members were also unable to attend due to maintenance issues, and contest organizers were worried attendance might be very low.  However, Saturday morning’s 0800 briefing showed 17 competitors ready to fly. COPA director Phil Englishman injured his ankle at Oshkosh but hobbled on as contest director and welcomed everyone. Carole Holyk, Canada’s CIVA delegate and FAI judge, acted as Chief Judge and along with Chris, conducted the briefing. Boundary judges, assistant judges and recorder positions were assigned to work for Sandy Langworthy, Wayne Buescher (IAC judges from Michigan IAC Chapter 88) and Canadian judge Chris Pulley.

The Intermediate pilots (Rick Feicht - Calgary - Yak 52; Jeff Granger – Columbus Ohio – Extra 300L; Desmond Lightbody – Oshawa ON – Pitts S2A; Francois Marquis – Montreal – Christen Eagle II; Russell Sneyd – Queensland Aerobatic Chapter Australia – Yak 52) were first to fly the Known, and just as the Sportsman pilots (Terry Beltaos – Burlington ON – Decathalon; Ryan Chapman – Toronto – Decathalon; Larry Ernewein – Innerkip ON – Bucker Jungmann; Jeff Lewis – Oakville ON – Pitts S2C; Luc Martineau – Montreal – Pitts S2C; Charles Phillips – Markham ON – Decathalon; Dan Unger – St. Clair Michigan – Pitts S1S) Known flights were to happen a low cloud layer moved in and stopped operations for 4 hours. This allowed a relaxing lunch that was provided by the airport’s restaurant staff who also catered the Saturday evening banquet and provided very early breakfasts for competitors. Doreen and Gerry Younger made their usual appearance in his Pitts S2A (with Doreen in the open cockpit) and were pleased to see several of the trophies Gerry won during the early days of Aerobatics Canada

When flying resumed we were able to finish all the Knowns and the Intermediate Free before we had to stop for the banquet. First-time competitor Zan Li of Toronto flying a Decathalon was the only Primary contestant; and contest rules mandate a minimum of 2 pilots per category. Officials needed a volunteer to fly against Zan so that she would be able to compete. Dan Unger, who had no idea what the Primary sequence even looked like, stepped up to the plate to help out and didn’t embarrass himself too much! Thank youDan. The Unknowns were handed out to Intermediate and Advanced pilots, and as usual, this put a damper on late-night partying!

Fog greeted us Sunday morning, but went away by the time we started flying and weather was not a factor for the rest of the day. Adam MacCabe, apprentice Aircraft Maintenance Engineer, came to the competition with his tools and spare parts to help with the technical inspections and was prepared for just about anything! His assistance was needed when one of the Pitts had a tire go flat while sitting at the fuel pumps. He was able to install one of the new tubes he had brought (just-in-case…) and keep the plane flying. Adam and his girlfriend Tracy spent the rest of their time out on the boundary judge chairs.

The remaining Free flights were done by 1100 and then the entertainment began with the Unknowns. These sequences are designed to be challenging (read “confusing”) as the pilots have never seen them and are not allowed to practice before they fly them. As soon as they are given out the affected pilots start to study and strategize and lose sleep! The potential for mistakes and/or penalties is huge! The Advanced pilots (Andy Ernewein – Guelph ON – Pitt S1S; Chris Napier – Georgetown Indiana – Panzl S-330; Scott McMaster – Rockton ON – One Design; Hugo Ritzenthaler – Rochester Hills Michigan – Pitts S1E) flights went well with very few “zero” maneuver scores, and the contest finished at 1300. 

Scoring was handled by veteran computer wizard Elaine Ernewein (assisted by Lynda Hawkins) and the results posted by 1330. The awards were completed by 1500 as the American contestants had to depart by that time in order to appease US customs/border officials. Pat Rebbetoy, who is the chapter’s behind-the-scenes organizer and guy who gets everything done, was starter on Sunday and led the clean-up crew (of never-enough people) removing box markers and the judges line equipment.

Aerobatics Canada Chapter 3 would like to thank the Saugeen Airport and the town of Hanover for their support of our contest, and Rob Olds for the use of his beautiful hangarWe would also like to thank the pilots for making the effort to attend despite mother nature, and all our volunteers not already mentioned, including: Ryley Yost  (acting airport manager, box marker installer, and air traffic management guy); 
Sid White (Safety Director)Daryl Purdie, Andrew Ronan, Laura Harvie, Meghan MacNeil, Mary Unger, Mike Tryggvason, Bill Comat, Francois Bougie, James Hutchinson, Victor Danielli, Ethan Kempert (judging assistants and recorders); Ed Agnew and Dave Rumsey (photographers). Apologies to anyone we’ve missed.

Final Standing:

Advanced     1  Andy Ernewein (Canadian Advanced Champion)
                     2  Scott McMaster
                     3  Hugo Ritzenthaler

Intermediate  1  Jeff Granger
                      2  Francois Marquis (Canadian Intermediate Champion)
                      3  Rick Feicht

Sportsman    1  Larry Ernewein (Canadian Sportsman Champion)
                     2  Luc Martineau
                     3  Dan Unger

Primary        1  Zan Li
                     2  Dan Unger

Phil Englishman (right) presenting the Canadian National Sportsman trophy to Larry Ernewein

Phil Englishman (right) presenting the Canadian National Intermediate trophy to Francois Marquis

Phil Englishman (right)  presenting the Canadian National Advanced trophy to Andy Ernewein

Rick Feicht taxiing the Yak 52

Chris Napier in the Panzl S-330

Dan Unger approaching in his Pitts S1S

Andy Ernewein’s Pitts S1S

Hugo Ritzenthaler taxiing his Pitts S1E

Wednesday, 5 August 2015

August 9th Practice Day in Tillsonburg

Hi all,

We know it's a little last minute, but we will be hosting a practice /critique day this Sunday August 9th at the tillsonburg airport. For those who are interested it will begin Sunday morning around 10am and will go until we're finished burning gas... 

For food planning purposes, there will be a restaurant on-site providing breakfast and or lunch. If you are planning on driving down to watch, help out or to judge, it may also be a good idea to bring your own lawn chairs. This is more important for those interested in judging/critiquing. Below, we have included a list for all pilots planning on flying in to participate. Also, if you plan on showing up later in the day be sure to read the NOTAM, or... if you're like most of us, plan your circuit to the SOUTH side of the field. The box is located on the north of the airport and it will be active as of 10 am on Sunday morning. 

Things to bring include a spare handheld radio ( if you have one), copies of the sequence you wish to fly (for critiquing purposes bring at least 5 copies of b and c forms), and all documents and logs required for an IAC contest. If you are not familiar with IAC contests, just do a quick search for IAC contest checklist.
If there are any questions feel free to ask. Hope to see everyone on Sunday.
Chapter 3